About Me

Down the trail through the woods I wander while watching the beauty behind each mossy stone and among crooked trees.

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I'm Lost in Woodlands

About Lost in Woodlands

Lost in Woodlands was Born in 2017 as a photographic project focused in capture the true essence and the beauty of the wild nature.

Álvaro Lamas is the person behind the lens, the one who is wandering in…

…the misty forest and through whispering trees.
…the wild rivers and the roaring waterfalls.There is where I belong. There is my home.


  • Canon 5D Mark IV.
  • Irix 15mm Blackstone F2.4.
  • Canon 16-35mm L F2.8.
  • Canon 70-200mm L F2.8.
  • Sigma 50mm F1.4 DG Art
  • Irix Edge Portafilter.
  • Irix Edge Filters.
  • Haida Filters.
  • Lowepro Tactic Backpack.


Not All Who Wander Are Lost.